A Time For Every Purpose

Four drifting souls seek answers: a tormented war veteran, guilt-ridden teen, resilient single mom, and a struggling pastor.

About Movie

In the stirring and evocative drama “A Time for Every Purpose,” a captivating narrative unfolds, intertwining the lives of four individuals against the backdrop of a small town. As the film delves into their personal struggles, it paints a tapestry of their interconnected lives and the profound themes of trauma and salvation.

We meet, Paul, a war veteran haunted by the indelible horrors of battle and burdened by severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Throughout the film, we witness Paul’s relentless pursuit of inner peace and the arduous path he walks to overcome his nightmares. As he grapples with his experiences, we are confronted with the raw and visceral reality of PTSD, shedding light on the struggles faced by countless veterans in their quest for healing and recovery.

Meanwhile, Pastor Clark, the spiritual pillar of the community, finds himself in the midst of a crisis of faith. Despite his unwavering dedication to his congregation, doubts begin to gnaw at his soul, causing him to question the efficacy of his sermons and the impact of his ministry. Even while grappling with these insecurities, Clark never stops being a fixed point for all who suffer and need guidance. 

Reggie, tormented by guilt, is the town’s pariah due to a tragic accident that claimed the life of a young girl. Haunted by remorse he seeks redemption and the possibility of forgiveness. As Reggie confronts the consequences of his actions and the town’s judgment, we witness his journey toward self-forgiveness and the hope for a second chance.

Ruth, a single mother and resilient survivor of a past marred by drug use and physical abuse, finds her strength tested when her abuser, Doug, resurfaces unexpectedly. He wants more than what he left behind. Ruth must summon the courage to protect herself and her son. Her journey showcases the complexities of abuse dynamics, the strength required to break free from its grasp, and the enduring power of personal transformation.

Amidst these individual narratives, the film weaves a captivating plot exploring the idea of leaning into blind faith, despite the road ahead. It invites viewers to reflect on their own struggles, the potential for growth and healing, and the significance of empathy and human connection in navigating life’s challenges.

Ultimately, “A Time for Every Purpose” is about understanding the love of Christ as a harbor in the storm. It’s about moving forward with faith knowing that a person’s true self is always waiting on the other side of their biggest hurdles. For everything there truly is a season and a time for every purpose under Heaven.

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Cast & Crew

The cast of “A Time for Every Purpose” includes talented actors such as Zachary S Williams from “All American,” “Family Reunion,” and “I am Frankie,” and Eric Diaz, a series regular in Vince Vaughn’s Apple TV show, “Bad Monkey.” The film also features Wade Hunt Williams, known for his roles in “Child of God,” “The Investigator,” and “Jungle Run.” Complemented by a cast of emerging talents from central and south Florida, the performances in the film are truly remarkable.

With over two decades working on-camera, Lance Smith makes his directorial debut in A Time for Every Purpose. First known as the face of Viacom’s CMT followed by the nationally syndicated morning show, The Daily Buzz, Lance currently serves as personality and host for the Tennessee Titans. He also co-wrote the screenplay with noted horror film writer, Nat Brehmer.

Joining the project as a veteran co-producer is Barry Cook, who began his career at Disney in 1981 and contributed to iconic films like TronOliver & Company, and Captain EO. With seventeen years of experience at Disney, Cook made his directing debut with the beloved film Mulan.

The heart of this movie comes from Quinton Macari III, who created and edited the film. Better known by his Bond-like nickname, Q is a veteran in the media industry with over two decades of experience, including work on a film featured in the Cannes Film Festival. He’s been equally successful in the commercial space, creating content for national brands, including Yelp, US Bank, Chick-fil-A, and many more. This is Q’s third feature film.

The dynamic visual scope of the film is due to the talented efforts of director of photography and film producer Edward Ryan Funk, owner of Image in a Nation and course director for Full Sail University’s digital cinematography program.

Zachary S Williams

Zachary S Williams

as Reggie

Eric Diaz

Eric Diaz

as Paul

Wade Hunt Williams

Wade Hunt WIlliams

As Pastor Clark


Alexa A Aldebol

As Ruth

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